Is what you want worth re-organizing your life for?

“Is what you want worth re-organizing your life for?”

I read that question on someone’s blog recently and it took my breath away.

“Is what you want worth re-organizing your life for?”

Stop. Re-read that. Really read it.

“Is what you want worth re-organizing your life for?”

Because the thing is, what you want, the thing you wish for, hope for, and dream about will require you to re-organize your life.

No kidding.

I’m slap in the middle of it. Moving to the mountains was the first step.

Owning what I really do for clients is the second (and it’s WAY more than “getting organized and systematized” though that is still important).

Writing from my Soul is becoming the very clear third step.

This isn’t all about me. It’s about all of us. You and me and the bees and the trees.

  • What is it you wish for?
  • What do you dream about when you’re procrastinating during your day?
  • What’s on your bucket list?
  • What’s your secret dream? You know, the one you rarely speak of because you barely allow yourself to “go there” because of the equal parts joy and the misery you feel at the mere thought of this secret dream?

Re-organizing your life is no small matter. Heck, re-organizing your office can seem like a huge challenge some days, right?

And yet, if your Soul won’t let you rest…if the drumbeat of the Next Thing, the Big Thing, the Scary Thing, or the Secret Dream is getting louder…then what?

You have a choice.

  1. Continue on. Business as Usual. Numb out. Bliss out. Work harder. Work more. Stay busy. Ignore. Evade.
  2. Re-organize: your life; your spine; your breath; your calendar; your living situation; your work-life; your brain; your thoughts; your words; your actions; your environment; your friends; your family; your heart; and most especially your Soul.

I tried to stay on track #1, I really did. But the drumbeat was (is) deafening.

And I’m scared as hell. I have to put on my Big Girl panties every day. I write things that scare me. I’m mainlining courage and persistence. I’m walking through the fear and doing it anyway.

And the miracle is you can, too.

Whatever it is you want, you can have it.

My marketing mentor Jon McCulloch totally changed his life over the course of four years (he got in crazy good shape, re-worked his business, and has an incredibly loyal and enthusiastic tribe). Several of my clients are in the process of radically re-organizing theirs now. My coach Shannon Presson changed hers – and her brilliance shines like a light for me.

Is it easy?


It is worth it?

Every. Single. Day.

Are you ready to re-organize your life? I can help.

Make some room,


P.S. Julie LaChance of RMS Solutions, Inc. will help you master Gmail and Google Apps. Join her in early May 2014 to learn how to really use these tools. Getting your email organized is a fabulous first step in the right direction!

P.P.S. If you haven’t figured it out already, the nature and flavor of my twice-weekly E-notes is changing. I’m stepping out more boldly to talk about issues of Substance and Soul. I’ll still talk about getting organized and systematized because it IS important, yet I’m learning there is More and the More is what my Soul is asking of me. If you aren’t cool with that, I totally understand. And if you want to unsubscribe, you can easily do that below. No hard feelings, I promise! (But if you’re on board with these new insights I’m sharing, give me a big Yaahoooooooooooo in reply!)

The thing about priorities

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey

Covey is a pretty smart dude.

The secret, though, is figuring out what your priorities are vs. not-priorities or someone else’s priorities.

And then when you throw in personal, professional, family, and community priorities, suddenly it really does seem as if there aren’t enough hours in your day, right?

This is where I’d like to help provide some clarity. These handy questions get to the root of your confusion and help banish your overwhelm. Try them out today!

* Is this a “nice to know” or a “need to know?”
* Are you doing this thing out of obligation?
* Is this the best and highest use of your time?
* If you didn’t “have to” do this, what would you do instead?
* Can someone else start this, keep it going, or finish it?
* Does this activity bring energy into your body (even if it’s uncomfortable and challenging) or does it drain the energy out of your body, making you feel like a mushy, overcooked piece of fettuccini noodle?
* If you suddenly had a free hour, is this how you would spend it?

Another smart dude named Charles Gilkey said, “Remember, if you have too many priorities, it means you really have none.”

Stop and think about that for a second.

If you have too many priorities (because nearly everything is a priority) then you really have none.

It comes down to making choices. Conscious choices about how and where you’ll spend your precious – and limited – time, energy, and money.

You over-stuff your life, your house, your calendar, and your To Do lists. It’s normal, right? Gotta capitalize on every minute. Be productive. Contribute.

Stop doing that.

Choose to be discerning and wildly protective of your time and energy instead.

You have the choice and the brains and the means to get clear on your priorities. And if you don’t know where to start, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking a boss, partner, peer, or even me to help.

The act of choosing priorities that are meaningful to you and your organization can feel like work. The funny thing is, once you’ve chosen, you’ll be way more productive, contribute more meaningfully, and be a helluva lot happier, too!

Make some room,

Angie Mattson

Organizing rules

Organizing Rules. How do you read that statement?

Did you read it hoping I’m going to address, “10 Organizing rules to help you be more organized, which may result in your being smarter and sexier in every area or your life!”

Or… Do you read it the way I intended: Organizing RULES! As in, organization is awesome! It’s rad! And you should definitely try it on for size. And buy the T-shirt (no, really, I’m getting some T-shirts made).

Because I think if you’re willing to try it, organization really does rule.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Getting organized often leads to simplifying. Simplifying also RULES!
  • The habit of staying organized is pretty easy. (Now, the act of getting organized…let’s not go there right now. Let’s focus on rad, awesome, and easy.) Stay organized, feel awesome!
  • The act of using organization is awesome. I mean, you know exactly where to look for things and – OH EM GEE – like, there they are!
  • Your friends and family will judge you positively for being organized. But a note of caution: don’t be TOO organized because then your friends and family will judge you for being ummm…rigid, uptight, anal-retentive or some other less-than-flattering term. I mean really, it was just a few labels on my flour and sugar containers. Then I knew what was what with just a glance. *Ahem. I digress.*
  • Being organized puts you into an elite club. Not everyone is organized. But when people discover you are, they go, “Ooooh, I wish I was as organized as you!” And that feels pretty darn awesome.
  • And finally, getting organized actually can make you smarter and sexier. For instance, if you’re organized, you can spend less time looking for things and more time reading (smarter). If you’re organized, you can spend less time moving files around and more time working out to achieve your ultimate bikini bod (or ultimate Speedo bod. Hey, I don’t judge). Sexier, right? I mean, spring is here, so summer is just around the corner. Get moving there, flabby cheeks!

I hope I’ve made the case that organizing RULES! It’s rad and awesome and I encourage you to give it a try today.

Not sure what to organize first?

Here’s my suggestion: see that container full of pens on your desk? I bet half of them don’t work and most of them you don’t like to write with anyway. Gather up all the ones that don’t work and throw them away. Take all the ones you hate and leave them all around the office at other people’s desks. Or leave them at your favorite restaurant (they always needs pens at those places).

See? Now you have just a few pens you love – and they work! Awesomely simple.

Rad. My work here is done.

Make some room,


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