“L” is for love, lukewarm, and loathing

Today we’re going to discuss Love, Lukewarm, and Loathing.

It’s something I talk about with my family, friends, and clients alllll the time.

“What do you love?”

“What do you loathe?”

“What do you do that you’re lukewarm about?”

It’s too clich√© or flip to simply say, “Do what you love. Stop doing what you loathe.”

Yet, at the same time, it’s true.

Sure, you make decisions (consciously or unconsciously) to keep doing things you loathe. And sometimes you put off doing things you love.

There are good reasons…and there are excuses.

One popular coaching exercise out there is Hidden Gold. It goes like this:

  1. Pull out a blank piece of paper.
  2. Create three columns.
  3. Label the columns: LOVE, LUKEWARM, LOATHE.
  4. Throughout the week, as you attend meetings, plow through your To Do list, and procrastinate, you fill out the list.
  5. Finally, for each item in each column you ask, “Is this the best and highest use of my time? Can someone else do this? Is there any way I can eliminate this from my life completely?”

It’s a way to whittle down your obligations to those things you love to do that are the best and highest use of your time. And I recommend doing this exercise at least once a year.

Now, if you find yourself in the land of “should” or “have to” then it’s time to call me. Many times, these seemingly rational explanations are just veiled excuses for things you’re not ready to take action on.

With a bit of a perspective shift, I can help you rethink your LOVE, LUKEWARM, and LOATHE lists. My focus is always on what you LOVE. The rest, I feel confident there are ways to eliminate or delegate.

Hop to it!

Make some room,

“K” is for Karoshi

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Nelson and I watched a show on Netflix called “Happy.”

One particular segment of this show caught my attention. The narrator explained there’s a curious (and horrible) thing happening in Japan.

It’s called Karoshi and it’s today’s “k.”

Karoshi is a Japanese word that means “death by overwork.”

It’s become such a regular phenomenon the government has created a fund to help Karoshi widows with expenses after their spouses pass.
Death by overwork. The Japanese place such a high cultural value on working hard that they literally die from exhaustion.

Many of us – especially entrepreneurs – suffer from extreme exhaustion due to working 24/7/365. Rather than keeling over, you are literally pecking yourself to death with emails, To Do lists, and daily frustrations.

You’re just head down, one foot in front of the other, getting things done. Reacting, reacting, reacting.

The whole point of my Make Some Rendezvous sessions is to give you space and time to step back. To give your business – and your life – an evaluation.

  • What’s working? What’s not?
  • What do you want?
  • What will it take to get there?
  • And a new question I read yesterday – what pain do you want (what pain will you choose) in order to get what you want?

Now, I’m not asking you to work towards Karoshi or anything, but I do sincerely want you to make time evaluate the questions above.

I want you to choose.

And I want you to GO FOR IT.

The thing is, in the areas of business systems, getting organized, and wranglin’ your time to create a life you love – I’m great at that (and so is my team). Sure, I can’t do it for you, but I can definitely lessen your pain and support you in reaching for your goal(s).

Time’s a-wastin’.

Make some room,

P.S. After our time together, my clients are in NO danger of Karoshi. They are more relaxed and enthusiastic. They feel more confident and in control of the future of their businesses. Free time is a real thing for them. And almost every one of them has said that my focus and caring about them and their business has been one of the greatest and most surprising gifts.

P.P.S. Remember, I’ve only got few sessions available for December. The investment is a mere $350 for 2013 and jumps to $500 on January 1, 2014.¬† Schedule your Make Some Room Rendezvous today.

“J” is all about Judgment

There’s a thing that happens about 70 percent of the time when I meet someone new (a potential client, during a networking event when they learn what I do, etc.)

The person inevitably says something like:

  • “I cleaned up my office since I knew you were coming. I didn’t want to feel embarrassed when you walked in and saw my mess.”
  • “I’m two minutes late. I bet you are NEVER late and in fact are five minutes early for everything.”
  • “I just don’t know what to do with this. I bet you have a place for everything and that your office and even your house are perfectly organized.”
  • “I bet you are always prepared and never forget anything because you have all these systems to help you get it all done.”

Today’s note is “J” and it’s alllllll about judgment.

See, when people say these things to me, I squirm and get tremendously uncomfortable.

Please, take me off those pedestals.

I’m not perfect. I will never, ever claim to be. My organization isn’t perfect, my house isn’t totally organized, my systems aren’t infallible and I am certainly late sometimes! (All shocking, I realize.)

Life happens. Stuff goes wrong. Things get messy. Other people are involved. I get lazy. Or tired.

And it’s okay! You know why?

Because each of us – we are all human.

My goal is compassion and understanding when I tell people that working with me is a “no judgment zone.” I work very hard to create a “cone of safety” for people to lay out their issues in a space of trust.

And based on the sheer numbers of people who express feelings of shame or embarrassment around their organizational skills or business systems, I think the world seems to be lacking in compassion and understanding just as much as we lack compassion and understanding for ourselves.

To that end, if you have been avoiding signing up for one of my Make Some Room Rendezvous sessions with me because you’re afraid to “pull back the curtain” on the state of your stuff, systems, or business, I’ll ask you gently and firmly to STOP.

Stop worrying about what I might think or feel or say. Our sessions are 100 percent confidential. I’ve literally seen it all. Nothing is too big a mess or too unorganized.

And the glorious thing is I can help. But only if you’ll have compassion for yourself and reach out!

Make some room,


P.S. Remember, I’ve only got few sessions available for December. The investment is a mere $350 for 2013 and jumps to $500 on January 1, 2014.

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