The art of procrastination

double_chocolate_cupcakesYesterday, my business coach, Shannon, posted a drawing of a cupcake on Facebook. The caption read:

Procrastibaking: The art of baking cupcakes instead of doing something else you should be doing.

This made me snort out loud with laughter.

Because seriously, how TRUE is this???

I’ll admit I don’t bake much anymore (my ample behind does NOT need sweets or baked goods).

Still, I can find plenty of other activities to engage in instead of doing the actual thing I should be doing.

  • Procrasticleaning
  • Procrastiorganizing
  • Procrastipondering
  • Procrastidoodling
  • Procrastinapping
  • Procrastilawnmowing
  • Procrastiweeding (I did it this morning)
  • Procrastisockfolding
  • Procrastiposting, liking, sharing
  • Procrastichatting
  • Procrastidishwashing
  • Procrastisurfing
  • Procrastibiking
  • Procrastitexting

What are things you do instead of doing the thing you “should” be doing? What’s YOUR favorite flavor of procrastination?

We all have them. Go ahead and admit yours. I really want to know (mostly because they make me laugh)!

Make Some Room,


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20 ways to feel overwhelmed

I made a tactical error during a speaking engagement last week. See, I was invited to speak to about 50 healthcare professionals on how to reduce stress, get more organized, and reduce the crazies that happen in normal day.

My Make Some Room Manifesto seemed like the perfect thing to talk about. So, I did. And here’s how I started my talk:

“I want to share 20 ways you can reduce stress, get more organized and create some room in your life to breathe…”

Do you see my error?

I think all the air was sucked from the room when I used the number 20.

Can we collectively say OVERWHELMED??

Thankfully, at the end of my talk, a woman asked which 1 of the 20 I would choose.

I told her I’d choose the “Two minutes now saves hours later.” It applies for everything. Two minutes to:

  • File papers away
  • Take a breath
  • Tidy up your desk
  • Close your eyes
  • Return a call
  • Have a difficult conversation
  • Stretch your body
  • Smile
  • Delete emails
  • Laugh
  • Create a routine (for example: keys, purse, phone – same place, every day)

If I could turn back time, though, I’d say to her and the whole group right away, “Choose ONE thing out of this list of 20 things. Commit to the one thing and see how it changes your life.”

You don’t need a 20-step program. You don’t even need 20 tips or 20 ideas.

What you need is one thing you commit to that will make your life feel happier, more expansive, less exhausting, less frantic, or that stops the day-to-day crazies.

So, if you could pick ONE thing to do to make some room in your life, your brain, or your schedule, what would you pick? What one thing can you commit to?

I’d love to know…

Make Some Room,


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Way, way in the weeds

in the weeds

Used to be way, way in the weeds.

A 500 square foot garden is a thing to behold – especially when it’s full of weeds and grass (grass is the worst!).

Last week, with a final effortful push between my hubby Nelson and me, we finished weeding this nice-sized garden.

And for the record, the last row was the WORST.

We carefully weeded around the asparagus stalks. Hunks of grass, some viney thing with purple-blue flowers. Even four frogs (which we names Charlie, Henry, Henrietta, and Isiah). Some of those weed roots were stubbornly sticking to their soil homes.

“No eviction happening here,” they seemed to grunt.

We pulled and dug and pulled and dug. For 10-15 minutes at a stretch, it felt like we weren’t getting anywhere.

And then, like magic, those weeds gave in. Roots came up; wide swaths of dirt were exposed. And no asparagus or frogs were harmed in the process.

I think life is a little bit like this.

Seth Godin talks about it in his book The Dip. You either persist or quit. Both are valid choices. The trick is knowing when to choose one over the other.

The Dip is a time in work or life (or gardening) when everything is hard. Money isn’t flowing. Words won’t come. Clients aren’t appearing. Those frickin’ weeds aren’t giving up.

You pull and dig and push and shout and curse (maybe). It’s HARD.

And then one day (or one minute) something lets go. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s the Universe. Maybe it happens out in the ether. Whatever it is, it happens and there’s a “pop.”

You’ve made it through The Dip. OR you’ve given up, decided it wasn’t worth it. Then – what’s next?

Perseverence can be beautiful thing. The rewards of keeping on keeping on are great. The effort feels sweeter.

Giving up can be healthy, too. The effort and sweat and toil aren’t worth it. Your heart isn’t in it. It’s over.

Gentle reader, where in your life are striving? Pushing, pulling, trying. Are you ready to give up? Give in? Throw in the towel? Is it time? Or are you simply deeply in The Dip?

When you’re in it, you can feel alone. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me that my hubby Nelson was there pulling and digging and grunting with effort right beside me.

You’re in The Dip, a hard place, a new place, maybe a confusing place…

The answer is support. Teamwork. Even accountability.

I can help.

Make Some Room,


P.S. Last week I announced a new, radically different way for you to have the experience of working with me. I’m offering these no-strings attached sessions because I find it difficult to explain the magic that happens during a session with a client who is a perfect fit to work with me. You have to EXPERIENCE it. I invite you join me in that experience.

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