Retreat from the day-to-day crazies

I was sitting at Panera reading yesterday morning. It’s a habit of mine to find time each week to read a magazine or a book that has a business or philosphical focus. Helps my brain get out of “scanning” mode from too much email and social media.

Reading printed material also makes my noggin’s neurons fire differently; I often make unusual connections between business and life and work during these sessions.

As I was flipping through the most recent Inc. magazine, a business owner’s profile caught my eye. A dude named David Campbell created Boxman Studios and his company turns old shipping containers into portable work, exhibit and retail spaces. He’s from Charlotte, NC, which is part of what caught my attention.

It was the very last paragraph of the write up made me smile and laugh with glee, though.

Once every 90 days,” says Campbell, “I take a two-day retreat by myself to work on product innovations and plan our business operations…

Once every 90 days. Two whole days of retreat.

Gentle reader, are you a business owner or simply CEO of You, Inc.? When was the last time you took two days to retreat into thinking mode?

I’m gonna bet your answer is never or not recently. (If you’ve done it more recently and/or you do it regularly, write and tell me about it!)

With all the changes I’ve been through, and with the plans I’m cooking up, this two-day retreat comment was a like a bolt of lightening to my heart.

See, I’ve been creating a two-day retreat for YOU. The details aren’t finalized but I can share it’ll be the end of October or the beginning of November. Two days to play/work/play. Two days of retreat away from your day-to-day work and the pressures of life.

I’ll share more when things completely come together.

Until then, gentle reader, please spend a minute or two thinking about how your business and your life could be radically impacted by making some room to slow down for two full days to plan, strategize, think, read, or to even (gasp!) do nothing.

Making the time – taking the time – is a choice. And whether you do it with me or you go the route of David Campbell and simply choose to do it alone, it can be done.

Make Some Room,


P.S. Don’t see how you can find the time? I can help.

The art of procrastination

double_chocolate_cupcakesYesterday, my business coach, Shannon, posted a drawing of a cupcake on Facebook. The caption read:

Procrastibaking: The art of baking cupcakes instead of doing something else you should be doing.

This made me snort out loud with laughter.

Because seriously, how TRUE is this???

I’ll admit I don’t bake much anymore (my ample behind does NOT need sweets or baked goods).

Still, I can find plenty of other activities to engage in instead of doing the actual thing I should be doing.

  • Procrasticleaning
  • Procrastiorganizing
  • Procrastipondering
  • Procrastidoodling
  • Procrastinapping
  • Procrastilawnmowing
  • Procrastiweeding (I did it this morning)
  • Procrastisockfolding
  • Procrastiposting, liking, sharing
  • Procrastichatting
  • Procrastidishwashing
  • Procrastisurfing
  • Procrastibiking
  • Procrastitexting

What are things you do instead of doing the thing you “should” be doing? What’s YOUR favorite flavor of procrastination?

We all have them. Go ahead and admit yours. I really want to know (mostly because they make me laugh)!

Make Some Room,


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P.P.S. We all procrastinate. Sometimes even on things that are GOOD for us. Why do we do it? Because the thing we are avoiding either scares us to death, matters a ton, or because we just don’t want to do it. The beauty of having a powerful conversation with me is getting clear on which of the three it is: are you scared to death, excited but intimidated because it matters so much, or are you simply dreading doing the thing? If it’s clarity you want, let’s talk.

20 ways to feel overwhelmed

I made a tactical error during a speaking engagement last week. See, I was invited to speak to about 50 healthcare professionals on how to reduce stress, get more organized, and reduce the crazies that happen in normal day.

My Make Some Room Manifesto seemed like the perfect thing to talk about. So, I did. And here’s how I started my talk:

“I want to share 20 ways you can reduce stress, get more organized and create some room in your life to breathe…”

Do you see my error?

I think all the air was sucked from the room when I used the number 20.

Can we collectively say OVERWHELMED??

Thankfully, at the end of my talk, a woman asked which 1 of the 20 I would choose.

I told her I’d choose the “Two minutes now saves hours later.” It applies for everything. Two minutes to:

  • File papers away
  • Take a breath
  • Tidy up your desk
  • Close your eyes
  • Return a call
  • Have a difficult conversation
  • Stretch your body
  • Smile
  • Delete emails
  • Laugh
  • Create a routine (for example: keys, purse, phone – same place, every day)

If I could turn back time, though, I’d say to her and the whole group right away, “Choose ONE thing out of this list of 20 things. Commit to the one thing and see how it changes your life.”

You don’t need a 20-step program. You don’t even need 20 tips or 20 ideas.

What you need is one thing you commit to that will make your life feel happier, more expansive, less exhausting, less frantic, or that stops the day-to-day crazies.

So, if you could pick ONE thing to do to make some room in your life, your brain, or your schedule, what would you pick? What one thing can you commit to?

I’d love to know…

Make Some Room,


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