Way, way in the weeds

in the weeds

Used to be way, way in the weeds.

A 500 square foot garden is a thing to behold – especially when it’s full of weeds and grass (grass is the worst!).

Last week, with a final effortful push between my hubby Nelson and me, we finished weeding this nice-sized garden.

And for the record, the last row was the WORST.

We carefully weeded around the asparagus stalks. Hunks of grass, some viney thing with purple-blue flowers. Even four frogs (which we names Charlie, Henry, Henrietta, and Isiah). Some of those weed roots were stubbornly sticking to their soil homes.

“No eviction happening here,” they seemed to grunt.

We pulled and dug and pulled and dug. For 10-15 minutes at a stretch, it felt like we weren’t getting anywhere.

And then, like magic, those weeds gave in. Roots came up; wide swaths of dirt were exposed. And no asparagus or frogs were harmed in the process.

I think life is a little bit like this.

Seth Godin talks about it in his book The Dip. You either persist or quit. Both are valid choices. The trick is knowing when to choose one over the other.

The Dip is a time in work or life (or gardening) when everything is hard. Money isn’t flowing. Words won’t come. Clients aren’t appearing. Those frickin’ weeds aren’t giving up.

You pull and dig and push and shout and curse (maybe). It’s HARD.

And then one day (or one minute) something lets go. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s the Universe. Maybe it happens out in the ether. Whatever it is, it happens and there’s a “pop.”

You’ve made it through The Dip. OR you’ve given up, decided it wasn’t worth it. Then – what’s next?

Perseverence can be beautiful thing. The rewards of keeping on keeping on are great. The effort feels sweeter.

Giving up can be healthy, too. The effort and sweat and toil aren’t worth it. Your heart isn’t in it. It’s over.

Gentle reader, where in your life are striving? Pushing, pulling, trying. Are you ready to give up? Give in? Throw in the towel? Is it time? Or are you simply deeply in The Dip?

When you’re in it, you can feel alone. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me that my hubby Nelson was there pulling and digging and grunting with effort right beside me.

You’re in The Dip, a hard place, a new place, maybe a confusing place…

The answer is support. Teamwork. Even accountability.

I can help.

Make Some Room,


P.S. Last week I announced a new, radically different way for you to have the experience of working with me. I’m offering these no-strings attached sessions because I find it difficult to explain the magic that happens during a session with a client who is a perfect fit to work with me. You have to EXPERIENCE it. I invite you join me in that experience.

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Three kinds of transformation


Transformation happens in three ways

Today I’m going to ask you to think about transformation.

But first, I want to be clear about something: I always do a bit of selling in my eNotes here. I hope I add something beyond a sales pitch to your day when you invest the time to read what I’ve written. My goal is to get you to *think.*

And if my writing yesterday, today, or tomorrow somehow compels you to coach with me, purchase one of my books, or take one of my eCourses, all the better. And I thank you for it!

In this eNote, I want to share some of the things my clients (past and present) have said about working with me and how they’ve been transformed. Direct quotes – although I won’t share names for confidentiality reasons.

At the end of this note, I’m introducing a new way to experience working with me that is radically different from what I’ve offered before.

Here’s the good stuff my clients say about coaching with me:

  • Discovering a new perspective “I faced a challenge this morning …and it’s got me stewing a bit. I’m seeking a higher path. Can we talk?” SE, Asheville, NC
  • Finding your Why “Angie has an uncanny ability to discern what it most important to advancing your value proposition…In short, Angie quickly diagnosed the underlying issues and helped me find the courage (and the time!) to make some meaningful changes and held me accountable so I could start doing the work that truly feeds my soul.” CM, Charlotte, NC
  • Understanding the How “As soon as Angie and I started working together, she showed me the hows with a capital H! She helped me simplify processes and focus on what is truly important. The result? Everything is streamlined, simpler and I’m so much more productive.” MM, Charlotte, NC
  • Clarity “I never thought about my time this way, but it totally makes sense. I see it!” RH, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Personal attention “I feel relieved, refocused and ready to keep going up my hill! Starting a business is exceptionally difficult and in the midst of the multiple challenges presented, it became hard to identify issues that were slowing growth down. Thank you for helping me to identify right priorities, new thinking and new practices that have already ended many frustrations! I’m enjoying starting a business again… Thanks!!” TH, Charlotte, NC
  • Accountability “I have to admit it helps having someone to check in with.” LL, Charlotte, NC

So here’s the deal: do YOU want these kind of results in your business and your life? Are you ready?

If you do and you are, HOORAY!

Hooray because *I* sincerely want to make this kind of impact with YOU.

There are three kinds of transformation I work on with my clients:

  1. Transformation of Situation – “I got a label maker! Labels make everything more organized!”
  2. Transformation of Circumstance – “I hired a professional organizer. Now I’ll be so organized, efficient, and fabulous.”
  3. Transformation of Being – “I finally understand the root causes of my disorganization, chaos, and overwhelm. They are banished forever. I am free!”

That third transformation is where it’s at. It’s the one that completely lights me up. AND it’s the one that helps create permanent change – and real clarity – in your life. I know this works because I talk to clients YEARS after they worked with me and they remind me about the advice I gave them and they’re still using it!

When you’re ready for a plunge into all three transformations – with a strong emphasis on the third one – now’s the time.

I want to help you end the chaos, confusion, and overwhelm. Getting this kind of clarity leads to ACTION.

Before this happens though, I want to give you the experience of coaching with me.

When you’re ready (and seriously interested), click here to schedule a quick phone call to chat before we schedule a 2-hour session that will give you the experience of coaching with me. No strings attached. But serious inquiries only, please.

Make Some Room,


P.S. I’m offering this no-strings attached session because I find it difficult to explain the magic that happens during a session with a client who is perfect fit to work with me. You have to EXPERIENCE it.

And once you do, you’ll know if you are one of those “perfect fit” clients.

The deep dive is thrilling, satisfying, and perhaps terrifying…in all the best possible ways. I hope YOU will take the leap to find out. Click here to schedule a quick chat and 2-hour session with me.

China, flatware, and cloth napkins

For many years, I felt anxiety every time I had to set a table for a meal.

Here’s why…

Growing up, my mom was very particular about how she wanted her table set. I think she learned this in school or something (I just realized I have never asked her this question).

She wanted the bottom of the dinner plates even with edge of the table. Forks on left (salad fork on the outside, dinner fork on the inside) with freshly pressed cloth napkins under the forks. Spoon and knife on the right, with the knife closest to the plate. The sharp-edge of knife blade was turned in towards the plate. And don’t get me started on glasses. SO many glasses.

Problem is I’m left-handed. And I do a lot of things backward. Including placing forks and other utensils on a table.

My anxiety came because after I set the table, my mom would come behind me and “fix” everything that she saw was “wrong.” And my young brain interpreted that as “everything I do is wrong.” Verily, my anxiety grew.

One day as an adult, I realized something amazing: it didn’t fricking matter how the table was set! These were a set of rules created by someone long ago for a set of reasons that certainly do not apply to me today.

I have no intention of having a fancy-schmancy dinner. And the chances of the President of the United States or the Queen of England coming to my home for dinner are slim to none.

Most importantly, I can’t really think of anyone else (except my mom) who might gives a rat’s behind how my table is set.

So, I’ve decided not sweat it. And I’ve freed myself from a lot of:

  • Worry
  • Judgment
  • Excessive amounts of flatware
  • A need for “good” china”
  • Ironing of linen napkins (or at least putting them in the dryer to get the wrinkles out)

And I feel awesome for it. Life is simpler. I am happier. And food tastes just as good.

I wonder, gentle reader, is there a place in your life where you are operating under “old conditioning” that is no longer serving you?

Are you “doing” something antiquated, archaic, fussy, precise, frustrating, silly, or even tiresome because that’s what you were taught to do?

  • “Yes” to every request, all the time?
  • Full make-up every day?
  • Hair done – blow dry, curling iron, hairspray, the works!
  • Reading the paper – or a book – in its entirety (even if you’re not interested entirely)
  • Driving a certain kind of car
  • Living in a certain city
  • Eating a particular food
  • Working in a certain “right” job
  • Attending certain religious institutions
  • Owning. Or renting. Or leasing.

Do you get my drift? If you’re doing something that feels like an obligation; if you’re doing something that doesn’t bring you joy; if you’re just going through the motions because, well, it’s what you were taught, STOP.

I hereby give you permission to stop it. Stop it now!

The choice is entirely yours.

Can it be scary? Sure.

Will there be consequences? Maybe.

Could it be awesome? MOST DEFINITELY.


Make Some Room,


P.S. I’ll also never be able to give my Dad a salad-sized fork to use for eating dinner. If we were being casual and not setting the table, my dad still wanted the big dinner fork. To this day, I have trouble giving people a small fork to eat with. Isn’t it funny that habits and “rules” we retain from childhood?

P.P.S. I’ll also tell you the minute I realized I was an adult: I opened a bag of Nestle chocolate bits and ate some of them. Without making cookies. Seriously, in my house, we DID NOT EVER do that or we’d have to face the wrath of my mom. “If you open the bag and eat them, the next time I go to make cookies there won’t be enough!” And she was probably right, but still…the day I opened that bag and ate some, I thought, “Oh, yeah, I’ve arrived.”

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