Life as a practice

Once again my husband, Nelson, and I had a profound car talk moment over the weekend.

We were talking about our experiences with body and breath work, and with yoga teachers specifically. Nelson said, “Some teachers lead you through the poses one after the other in succession. Other teachers lead you into the poses, ask you to focus on your breath and be aware of your body. Then the teacher will come around and adjust your body to give you a better position, a deeper stretch, or to remind you to breathe if they can see you are holding back.”

Then Nelson said it: “In some yoga classes, you’re just going through the motions, without much intention or thought.”

I gasped and said, “Oh my gosh! This is such a metaphor for life, isn’t it?”

Sometimes you’re just going through the motions: eating, sleeping, pooping, having sex, going to work, watching TV, taking a shower, and repeating day after day…

(or some stuff like that)

And sometimes you’re truly living life, fully engaged, passionate, hair-on-fire, Soul burning bright, leaving a trail of kindness, compassion, and love in your bright, shining wake.


My questions, gentle reader:

  1. Are you just going through the motions?

You know, they call yoga a “practice” for a few really important reasons:

  • Repetition – of the poses and the act of “doing” yoga
  • Attention – to proper breath and body placement
  • Commitment – to showing up fully, being in the poses, being with your breath, and being with whatever feelings come up

I read somewhere that yoga was intended to be a practice done before meditation. To move the body and the breath in preparation for the stillness of going inward.

It’s so intentional when you see it as a practice.

I wonder where in your life you’re “just going through the motions.” What could you stop doing in order to make room for something that lights a fire under your ass? What could you stop striving for that is empty and doesn’t give you a spark…in order to start doing something that lights you up like a sparkler on the Fourth of July?

How can you stop going through the motions and instead begin to practice something more meaningful and intentional in your life?

  • Do you desire a teacher, advisor, or mentor to show you the way? Get one!
  • Do you thrive being part of a connected community? Find one!
  • Do you want to learn something new that’ll eject you from your comfortable seat? Sign up for the class, training, lecture, or bootcamp!

Times-a-wastin’, gentle reader. Stop navel-gazing. Go ahead and get organized. Get the systems needed to grow your business. Bring order to your world instead of chaos. Get the training you need. Learn about boundaries and embrace them in order to give yourself the time you want. Then get focused: hyper-focused on what you can contribute to the world and her suffering people.

Trust me – you are here for some reason. Don’t let disorganization, confusion, chaos or fear hold you back.

Ready to make your LIFE your profound practice?

Make Some Room,


Are you willing?

There’s a dude named Jonathan Fields who is one of my heroes. He started a series of video interviews called Good Life Project. If you haven’t heard of Jonathan or seen any of the Good Life Project interviews, you are truly missing out.

Recently, Jonathan posted a question with so much insight that it made me want to weep. It was simple and he spoke the truth. You can watch the video here.

Before you click over though, here are my questions for you:

  1. Are you committed to being of service or are you committed to being comfortable?
  2. Are you committed to leadership or are you happy getting by, not making waves?
  3. Are you committed to action or are you committed to frustration?
  4. What’s your BIG WHY? (And if you don’t know it, figure it out. Not knowing – not remembering – is a BIG part of your frustration and unhappiness in life).

It may feel like “being busy” means you’re contributing to the world. It may feel like “getting organized” means something, too. And while getting work done in an organized, efficient manner is critically important for putting your good work out there, sometimes we get stuck on the big scary stuff because it isn’t “perfect.” In reality, sometimes good is good enough.

If you’re feeling wishy-washy on the questions above, or you know you’re ready to step into something big, I can help (and often in a single two-hour session).

I’m here to be of service to you in helping you connect with your Big Why. And to do it in a way that doesn’t wear you out or leave your feeling overwhelmed. My work with you centers on right action, aligned with your purpose. And you end up getting really focused and organized to boot.

Are you willing?

Make Some Room,



Information without action

I don’t talk about this part of my life much, but it’s hugely important to my well-being and physical health. For almost five years, I’ve been seeing a chiropractor who practices a very different methodology called “Network Spinal Analysis” (NSA). It’s more of a form of energy and breath work than the standard pop and crack method most chiropractors use.

Initially, I started seeing the chiro because I had lower back pain so horrendous that I couldn’t walk around in Target for more than 10 minutes before the concrete floors had me bent over with back pain. Within a few months of doing this work, my body has been healed from that pain. I can spend hours in Target now (just kidding…I’m so not a shopper) The point is: I could if I wanted to and that feels like freedom to me.

Anywhooo, now that my hubby and I live in the mountains, we’re switching to a practitioner of NSA closer to our new home. I went for an introductory talk last night and was excited to learn even more about what NSA is and what it does for the body.

Dr. Brian said something, though, which is really what compelled me to write this morning.

He said, “Information without action is frustration.”


With that simple statement, he helped me realize a lot of Universal issues that you and I are struggling with.

We are in the information age, right? There is so much information available to us it’s literally overwhelming!

Now we can “know” anything we want. We can collect, research, analyze, and think to our heart’s content.

But unless we put what we “know” into action, all we get is frustration. All the collecting, researching, analyzing, and thinking leads to…nothing.

Nothing at all unless we TAKE ACTION.

So, gentle reader, if you’re feeling frustrated about ANYTHING, if you’re feeling PAIN, if you’re feeling STUCK, that’s your body’s way of saying, “HEY: PAY ATTENTION! The time for mental gymnastics is OVER. Let’s get into ACTION.”

Enough navel gazing. Enough collecting. Enough thinking.


It’s the answer to your frustration, your pain, and your stuckness.

Make Some Room,


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