What action are you avoiding taking that you’re blaming instead on your lack of organization?

What conversations are you not having because there “hasn’t been time?”

What decision are you putting off until you’re “more prepared?”

The only time you have is now.

Make Some Room,


P.S. I’m asking myself these questions as well and adjusting my life accordingly. Time to clean house (but not my physical house)!

Your cover story

Just out of curiosity, have you considered that being disorganized isn’t the real issue – that it might just be your cover story?

That your supposed lack of productivity might actually mean something?

Or that your procrastination is a message in disguise?

What if all those things are your cover story? A way to keep you safe from change?

In 2015, would you be willing to “go there” to get to the root of the real issue?

Make Some Room,


P.S. I’m deep in the middle of joyfully writing my third book. These messages will be fewer and shorter (and I can hear a sigh of relief from some of you) for the first part – if not all – of 2015.

Productivity Log (Day 31 of 31 Days of Organizing)

I recently read an article by the creator of an app called The Boyfriend Log. The author, Linda Sivertsen, created this app to help keep herself honest while dating (which of course makes me think about a Productivity Log of some sort).

She created a color-coded system for tracking how she felt after a date.

  • Green = romantic
  • Yellow = neutral
  • Blue = sad

This system worked really well to help her identify her patterns around men. Where she made excuses for their behavior. The number of times she felt sad date after date with a guy she still felt attracted to. And this system helped her kick several Mr. Wrongs to the curb.

See, our brains can trick us into thinking things are better than they really are.

You really want to give people the benefit of the doubt when dating, right? And it’s nice to fall in love.

It tickled me to read this article because several of the personal organization systems I use help my clients stay honest with themselves, too.

To stay on track with their agreements, boundaries, and goals. To be in integrity with their promises. These systems keep my clients honest (if they want to be honest).

When my clients dig into priorities with me, they begin to choose how to spend their time in a way that feels great to them. And when those priorities are written down and used regularly, they stay top of mind and stuff gets done.

Then, when my clients begin using their personalized Time Map (a real game-changer and a version of a Productivity Log), they more clearly understand how to maximize their time to get their important work done on a daily basis.

There’s no more feeling like crap when they open their email, face their To Do list, or even when they do a year-end review.

I hope you’ll consider how powerful tracking your own activities and feelings can be. While I don’t have “The Productivity Log” app, I can guarantee that your eyes will be opened to a whole new way of being and working that will do wonders for your workflow, business, and life.

Make Some Room,


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