Are you on purpose?

Have you ever watched what plants do? I have since childhood and I’m nearly obsessed with it.

Plants and flowers grow on purpose.

Plants and flowers grow on purpose.

When I was a kid, I would lie down in the plants at dusk and watch the brilliant pink flowers of an Ice Plant fold up for the night. It was fascinating to me how this happened almost imperceptibly, one petal at time.

Wherever I’ve been able, I’ve had houseplants. I’ve planted gardens and flowers, spending hours pulling weeds and tending to growing things. Gardening is like meditation for me. It soothes my soul and literally and figuratively grounds me.

A few weeks ago, Nelson and I made a trip to Asheville, NC, to the Sow True Seeds store. I planted about 20 different kinds of vegetables and herbs in seed-starting trays. They’ve been kept warm and watered. And one by one, those little seeds poked through the soil and became plants!
I’ve watched them grow with curiosity and wonder.

Now we have to transplant them somewhere because they’re outgrowing those seed trays. Lettuce, pumpkins, zucchini, tomatoes, acorn squash, onions, and more. Plus, it’s time to get the potatoes to get started in a round bin.

Watching these seeds turn into food has me thinking more and more about purpose.

Those seeds know exactly why they are here and they know exactly what to do to fulfill their purpose.

All they need is sunlight and water. They inhale the carbon dioxide in the air and absorb sun and water. After awhile, like a miracle, they become something new.
They do it day in and day out.

Are you that clear about your purpose? About the best and highest use of your time and energy and breath?

Are you rooted in knowing what you want to do to fulfill your purpose?

Plants don’t get distracted by television, social media, their feelings, or even by the weather. They just focus on finding what they need in the air and in the soil in order to fulfill their purpose.

Are your days as simple and focused as this?
They can be.

Make some room,


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The promise of a pencil

For the last few days, I’ve been listening to a new audio book by Adam Braun called The Promise of a Pencil. Adam traveled the world during college and had a nearly fatal ship ride during a Semester at Sea adventure. During a frightening storm when the large ocean liner he and 650 other students were traveling on was badly damaged, he had a life-affirming knowing that now was not his time to die. He was here on the earth for a purpose.

The Promise of a Pencil

The Promise of a Pencil

A year or two later, Adam had a transcendent moment listening to a symphony one night. The name “Pencils of Promise” flashed into his head.

The combination of his knowing he was here for a purpose, combined with this name “Pencils of Promise” led him to his destiny: leading a wildly successful FOR PURPOSE organization that is building a new school every ninety minutes all across the world.

Recently, I had my own life-affirming moment. I awoke from a dream with a feeling of “YES.” Yes, I was doing the work I’m supposed to be doing right now. Yes, I’m living where I’m supposed to be living. There was more to the dream, but my point is made.

Suffice it to say that I awoke feeling so good, so positive, so ON PURPOSE.

How about you, gentle reader? Have you had your own life-affirming moment? A moment where you knew you were in the exact right place, doing your exact right work? Or at least you were on the right path towards your right life?

I’d love it if you’d share your moment with me.

Being on purpose provides a foundation – something to return to when life gets hectic. Being on purpose provides an anchor when the strong winds threaten to blow you over. And being on purpose can provide some extra juice for staying focused on the important.

If you know you’re here for a purpose, yet you’re spinning like a top, overwhelmed, working too much, focusing on the urgent rather than the important, consider scheduling time to Rendezvous with me.

I can help you re-focus, re-energize, and get the right work done that fulfills your purpose, on purpose.

And if you don’t know what your purpose is yet, I’d love to talk to you about that, too. I have an uncanny knack for “knowing” where you’re stuck, blocked, and not “seeing” something important. I’d love to help you find focus and purpose. Because once you do that, everything comes into focus and becomes more fun!

Make some room,


P.S. There are only TWO Make Some Room Rendezvous sessions available for April. When they’re gone, they’re gone and I won’t be offering them again until later this year. Schedule yours now!

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What is the opposite of play?

If you said the opposite of play is work, I’d like you to hold that thought.

This weekend Nelson and I explored the miles of forests and rivers around our new home. We discovered (for a second time) Gorges State Park which has an astounding 20 waterfalls within the park’s boundaries. We visited DuPont State Forest and were reminded of the magnificence of Bridal Veil Falls, Triple Falls, and Hooker Falls. Our view of Lake Jocassee in the distance was excellent and made us wish for warmer weather paddling days ahead. So did finding several canoe launches for the French Broad River.

Sunday we ended up on a dirt road that was, in a couple places, really scary because of the snow and ice.It was all worth it when we discovered a lake I’d camped at and kayaked on nearly eight years ago! Our most exciting adventure happened during our drive up to the Blue Ridge Parkway Saturday to go hiking in the snow. On our way up, up, up, we slid off into a ditch.


Thankfully, there were a lot of other folks out playing in the snow and in short order they hitched a chain between our truck and theirs and pulled us out. We busted a tail light and dinged the bumper, but all’s well that ends well, yes?

With that list of goodness, let’s get back to the opposite of play.

This past year, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about whole-hearted people. About people who have well-balanced lives. About people who are happy.

Brené Brown has been top of my list. And interestingly, she discovered through her years of research that the opposite of play is NOT work.

The opposite of play is depression.

Think about that for a minute. Really think about it.

If the opposite of play is depression, then work can fit into either of those things, right?

Many of my clients fit play and work together:

* A video company team spends time together each day watching hilarious (or horrible) YouTube videos

*The book publishing company that has adopted the attitude of being SPARKly

*”WordPlay” will teach you how to be a better writer and has really fun and thought-provoking exercises to help

*Martha Beck, preeminent Life Coach says, “Play until it’s time to rest. Rest until it’s time to play.”

Sadly, I can go the opposite direction, too, and list people I know who put work and depression together as naturally as chocolate and peanut butter.

Rather than dwelling on the negative, let’s focus on play! Think about the last time you played. Nothing structured. You just got silly. Or you got lost. Or you got so into your hobby (or your work) that you lost track of time.

This playtime is essential for wellness. For being whole-hearted. For having a happy life.

Oftentimes during a Make Some Room Rendezvous, a client confesses they want more TIME. Time to play, time to work, time to read, or write or even to do nothing.

It’s such a gift to help clients get organized, systematized, and in control of their schedules and lives.

It’s such a gift to have those same clients call me and say, “Work is getting done. And I have more TIME now to do whatever it is I want.”

Make some room,


P.S. I’m scheduling the March Make Some Room Rendezvous sessions. I’ll do a few in April, too, and then they won’t be available until the autumn. Don’t miss out!

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