“K” is for Karoshi

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Nelson and I watched a show on Netflix called “Happy.”

One particular segment of this show caught my attention. The narrator explained there’s a curious (and horrible) thing happening in Japan.

It’s called Karoshi and it’s today’s “k.”

Karoshi is a Japanese word that means “death by overwork.”

It’s become such a regular phenomenon the government has created a fund to help Karoshi widows with expenses after their spouses pass.
Death by overwork. The Japanese place such a high cultural value on working hard that they literally die from exhaustion.

Many of us – especially entrepreneurs – suffer from extreme exhaustion due to working 24/7/365. Rather than keeling over, you are literally pecking yourself to death with emails, To Do lists, and daily frustrations.

You’re just head down, one foot in front of the other, getting things done. Reacting, reacting, reacting.

The whole point of my Make Some Rendezvous sessions is to give you space and time to step back. To give your business – and your life – an evaluation.

  • What’s working? What’s not?
  • What do you want?
  • What will it take to get there?
  • And a new question I read yesterday – what pain do you want (what pain will you choose) in order to get what you want?

Now, I’m not asking you to work towards Karoshi or anything, but I do sincerely want you to make time evaluate the questions above.

I want you to choose.

And I want you to GO FOR IT.

The thing is, in the areas of business systems, getting organized, and wranglin’ your time to create a life you love – I’m great at that (and so is my team). Sure, I can’t do it for you, but I can definitely lessen your pain and support you in reaching for your goal(s).

Time’s a-wastin’.

Make some room,

P.S. After our time together, my clients are in NO danger of Karoshi. They are more relaxed and enthusiastic. They feel more confident and in control of the future of their businesses. Free time is a real thing for them. And almost every one of them has said that my focus and caring about them and their business has been one of the greatest and most surprising gifts.

P.P.S. Remember, I’ve only got few sessions available for December. The investment is a mere $350 for 2013 and jumps to $500 on January 1, 2014.  Schedule your Make Some Room Rendezvous today.

“G” is for GO

In the past few days, I’ve had two different people reach out to me. Both of them were asking for advice on starting their own businesses.

My reply to them?

“Go for it.”

Life, technology, and business are changing rapidly. It is my sincere belief that being an entrepreneur (or an intra-preneur in a large organization) is the surest path towards freedom and happiness.

Therefore, today’s note is all about “G” — go go go!

Seth Godin is an author and big thinker (and one of my heroes). He is a GO guy. His big message is “just ship it already” and by that he means:

  • Do something different and share it with your tribe
  • Write and share it with the world
  • Create something and get it into the hands of those who need it
  • Start a business and let everyone know it
  • Learn something new. Then find the tribe who digs it and start a conversation.
  • Figure out who you want to serve and do it

In other words: GO!

Invest in yourself by using a coach or hiring a consultant. Go back to school or get additional training if you need it. Start a business. Write the book. Make the app. Schedule a volunteer vacation. Whatever it is your soul is quietly (or loudly, in my case) imploring you to do…GO DO THAT.

And I’m here to help you get unstuck. To wade into the resistance (hat tip again to Seth Godin). To create the path with you. To help you move in to right action. And to hold you accountable when the fear and doubt step up (and inevitably it will).

What do you want in life? I mean really, really, really want?

When you’re ready, I’d love to show how to get that. GO!

Make some room,


P.S. I’m offering two-hour Make Some Room Rendezvous sessions through the end of the year. The investment is a mere $350 (and it goes up to $500 on January 1, 2014).

Your dreams are priceless – honor them.

Schedule your Make Some Room Rendezvous today.

“E” is for Energy, Efficiency, and Effectiveness

I’m roaring right into my busy season. There’s something about the fall and winter that compels people to call me.

They are out of energy, desperate for more time, and feeling overwhelmed.

Sound familiar?

Today’s note is all about “E” – and I couldn’t decide on just one thing. So, let’s focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and even ENERGY.

In the past two weeks, I’ve done several expansiveMake Some Room Rendezvous sessions. Excellent results? You betcha!

  • “Lynn” and her team used the time to flesh out some very specific processes related to new business opportunities. There were quite a few things that needed to happen, but she and her team were fuzzy on priorities, timelines, and ownership of the action steps. This is actually the second MSRR they’ve participated in. AND they were able to successfully achieve the stretch goals they set in the first session three months ago. Rock on!
  • Two clients used their sessions to document their Client Intake processes. Now they have clarity about how to make a new client feel comfortably led through a solid onboarding process. Questions answered, payment terms clarified, welcome notes sent.
  • “Jennifer” called and said, “Angie, I don’t even know what I don’t know. I just know I’m stuck!” We spent her session helping her reveal her “why.” Once she understood this, we were able to wrap all of her communications and systems with this special energy.
  • “Bob” is desperate to get out of email overwhelm – we’re meeting this afternoon. He’s confused about where emails should go, what he ought to save, and what he can delete. (And I’m totally excited to teach him how to gleefully use the delete key!)

Feeling ready? Your turn!

Make some room,


P.S. I’m offering two-hour Make Some Room Rendezvous sessions through the end of the year. They’re suitable for just you and me or a small group or team. The investment is a mere $350 (and it goes up to $500 on January 1, 2014).

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